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Kynda lives and gardens in central Illinois with her husband and their golden retriever, Skye.  She struggled with obesity for most of her life, feeling hopeless and ashamed about her weight. She blamed herself, thinking that it was somehow her fault despite  her efforts to follow the standard weight loss advice to eat less and move more.  When her husband Mark was diagnosed with diabetes, she was terrified and clueless about how to help him avoid the progression of such a debilitating illness.

When Kynda found keto in 2015, she lost 80 pounds, her joint pain disappeared, and she was able to ditch the pain medications that were part of her daily regimen.  She is thankful that their ketogenic lifestyle  helped her husband Mark to dramatically reverse the symptoms of diabetes. She is so proud of him!

For the last five years, Kynda has been on a mission to help others find their own weight loss and wellness benefits with keto.  She has come to believe that eating real food is an advanced form of self-care necessary to manage the stresses and griefs of everyday life and find joy along the way.  She knows it’s not always easy and that it takes courage, information, and support to change the way we eat.  She shares her keto story and lessons learned with friends, loved ones, coaching clients, and with local groups. 

Kynda is thrilled to be a part of the coaching team.  When you’re ready, she’s here to help you meet your personal weight loss and wellness success goals. 

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