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Michelyn knows all too well the insidious nature of addiction: denial, poor decision making, rationalization, and then more denial.

As a child and a young adult she was always thin, and Michelyn vividly recalls putting a quarter in the weight machine at the local shopping mall when she was 18 years old. The message on the machine print out listed her as underweight and gave instructions for gaining. Ten years later that her poor eating habits began to catch up with her, as she steadily gained weight, eventually topping out at over 160 pounds on a 4'10" frame, well into the range of obesity for her size.

Seduced by Slim Fast commercials on TV, she decided to try the shakes to lose weight, but she failed to lose. In fact, nothing Michelyn tried- Atkins, vegetarian, vegan, or juicing- worked for more than a few weeks before she would cave in to the hunger and start eating off plan.

In 2010, Michelyn began working for a wellness company as a biometric screener, where she helped people understand how to improve their risk factors like cholesterol and obesity, and regularly handed out brochures plastered with the traditional dietary advice: eat less, move more, eat less fat and more whole grains. She put her own advice into action after she was alarmed at the results of her own blood work. Immediately, Michelyn cut her fat intake in an effort to raise her "good" cholesterol, and yet when she retested several weeks later, she found her efforts were all for naught: her HDL was lower....much lower.

Michelyn was baffled. "How. In. The. WORLD?" she thought.

Recalling all the people she had "educated" that had insisted they were already following the listed advice- while still battling obesity high cholesterol- she wondered: Were they actually being truthful and, if so, how can this not be working for them? Why isn't it working for me?!

Michelyn dove into the research and was surprised to discover evidence that her approach all these years had been wrong: cholesterol improves when you add dietary fat. In fact, to improve health in general, fat is necessary! Carbs are the real villain.

With her new found knowledge, Michelyn helped her mother change her dietary lifestyle, and those changes allowed for the elimination of medications for diabetes and cholesterol.
Even though she now had proof that the Ketogenic lifestyle worked as promised, she didn’t feel it was right for her. After all, she wasn't sick, did not have diabetes or heart issues, or any other medical condition!

Several years later, it finally clicked for Michelyn. She realized that in order to prevent the conditions she feared, she needed to make the commitment to Ketogenic living. Once she began, so did the struggle with carb addiction. Having never touched drugs or tobacco, and having no real attachment to alcohol, Michelyn was surprised to find herself exhibiting addictive behavior.

Her denial was strong, and it led to many mistakes in the beginning months of her keto journey, but because of her struggle Michelyn can clearly empathize with the people who are suffering the frustration of having to begin Keto again and again. She knows how difficult it can be to get and keep your mind right, and her passion is helping others navigate through the mental and emotional work it takes to be consistent and successful with permanent lifestyle changes.

Today Michelyn lives in Myrtle Beach where she spends her time doing volunteer work, helping her clients, and hanging out with her amazing friends. She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and long days on the beach dreaming of ways to introduce the wonders of keto to the world.

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