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Fit Fab Fall

A month-long challenge focused on keto and fitness.

Join Coach Mary for Fit Fab Fall and step up your keto and fitness game! 

This group is not for the ripped or want-to-get-ripped crowd. This challenge group is for beginners, people returning to fitness, and people who are intimidated by fitness professionals with perfect bodies and  intense workout programs. Those who need some accountability, group support, and someone to give clear and consistent answers to their questions will benefit from this challenge.  

Coach Mary was once a beginner and comes from a background of obesity and feeling hopeless. This group will be a safe space for you to get encouragement and to challenge yourself while being supported by someone who understands and has been where you are.

This program will cover all things keto and fitness. Included are several workout plans that you can choose from to challenge yourself. Each day we will have a mini challenge of something you can do no matter where you are—whether that's at home, outside, or at the office.

You will receive a food list and a restaurant guide to help you make the best possible decisions for yourself.

Each week we will do a Zoom call to discuss different keto and fitness topics, how to keep your journey fun, how to stay on track, mindset, motivation, inspiration and of course answer all your keto and fitness related questions!

Join our Fit Fab Fall challenge and get your keto fitness on!


  • Food List
  • Group support and accountability
  • Keto, Mindset, and Fitness education
  • Education and inspiration
  • Macros
  • Daily fitness challenge
  • Restaurant guide
  • Daily access to our secret Facebook group where course material and activities are delivered
  • Weekly live group meetings on Zoom
  • Led by coach Mary Roberts


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USD $129.00 (One-Time)

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Please Note:

  • This is not an ongoing coaching relationship and does not include macros, personalized assessments etc unless explicitly stated. Your participation will enrich your experience.
  • Fees are not refundable as the program offers limited spaces and committing to a space means someone else can't have it.

Clients Love Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching!

Whether part of a limited time group or continuing month-to-month coaching, our coaching clients have great things to say about their coaching experiences!

Joining the Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching program changed my life! I decided that my health was my priority and it was/is worth every penny!

Melodie Z.

I want to send a big THANK YOU to my coach Lisa Carroll! I have been working with Lisa for almost 3 weeks and WOW! I am absolutely amazed by the progress I have seen in this short time. I have lost 15.4 pounds, stopped taking medication for GERD, seen a significant reduction in hair loss and now fit in a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in 11 years. I started Keto last year about this time on my own and did great for the first few months, but then I got lazy and slacked off. I tried multiple times to start up again on my own without success and finally made the decision that I needed someone to help hold me accountable, that’s where Lisa comes in. She has been exactly what I needed to get myself back on track!

Tabatha E.

I want to give a shout out to my Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, she has been amazing at helping me continue the journey and meet my goals. Thank you for all of your help and wisdom! Getting a coach to help me has been my favorite choice of self care so far!

Jennifer F.

I had lost my focus and needed guidance and understanding of the pit falls I was experiencing. Since signing up for coaching, I have had a lot of "A-Ha Moments"; one of which is that I needed the accountability as I am very good at rationalizing things which are not to my benefit. I am more excited about this WOE and feel like I have so much more control. I wish I had signed up for coaching a year ago!!

Kelly H.

When I started this challenge I was so out of shape. I had gained back almost all the weight I had lost doing keto 2 years ago, and I was eating so much junk. I haven’t had sugar or junk of any kind in weeks! I’m still happy and proud of myself because I’m taking care of me again. I feel good, have more energy, I’m not needing a nap, I’m eating good healthy food, and exercising. Thank you so much Bronson for giving me this chance. Once we are done I’m going to keep eating this way and exercising.