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Fit Fab Fall

A month-long challenge focused on keto and fitness.

Join Coach Mary for Fit Fab Fall and step up your keto and fitness game! 

This group is not for the ripped or want-to-get-ripped crowd. This challenge group is for beginners, people returning to fitness, and people who are intimidated by fitness professionals with perfect bodies and  intense workout programs. Those who need some accountability, group support, and someone to give clear and consistent answers to their questions will benefit from this challenge.  

Coach Mary was once a beginner and comes from a background of obesity and feeling hopeless. This group will be a safe space for you to get encouragement and to challenge yourself while being supported by someone who understands and has been where you are.

This program will cover all things keto and fitness. Included are several workout plans that you can choose from to challenge yourself. Each day we will have a mini challenge of something you can do no matter where you are—whether that's at home, outside, or at the office.

You will receive a food list and a restaurant guide to help you make the best possible decisions for yourself.

Each week we will do a Zoom call to discuss different keto and fitness topics, how to keep your journey fun, how to stay on track, mindset, motivation, inspiration and of course answer all your keto and fitness related questions!

Join our Fit Fab Fall challenge and get your keto fitness on!


  • Food List
  • Group support and accountability
  • Keto, Mindset, and Fitness education
  • Education and inspiration
  • Macros
  • Daily fitness challenge
  • Restaurant guide
  • Daily access to our secret Facebook group where course material and activities are delivered
  • Weekly live group meetings on Zoom
  • Led by coach Mary Roberts


Currently enrolling for September 1, 2022


USD $129.00 (One-Time)

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Please Note:

  • This is not an ongoing coaching relationship and does not include macros, personalized assessments etc unless explicitly stated. Your participation will enrich your experience.
  • Fees are not refundable as the program offers limited spaces and committing to a space means someone else can't have it.

Clients Love Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching!

Whether part of a limited time group or continuing month-to-month coaching, our coaching clients have great things to say about their coaching experiences!

After 1 month of struggling with when, what and how to eat ketogenically, I realized I needed help. I saw on one of the Keto FB pages that coaching was available. So I checked it out, chose a coach whose story resonated with me. That was Sabrina Rivers-Williams. One of the best decisions I've ever made!!


Getting 1:1 coaching with Jessyca has been a godsend! After years of not being able to loose weight through Keto and her support was able to drop over 60lbs last year! Her knowledge of Keto and fasting has really helped both those things become part of my lifestyle and I’m healing from years of metabolic damage, dieting, and compulsive overeating! She is always there when I need her, encourages and challenges me beyond my comfort zone. If you are thinking about coaching, honestly - it’ll be the best investment you ever make in yourself and will improve your chances of success! Who doesn’t want that!

Jessica P.

Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching has changed my life. This is not something I say lightly. I went from prediabetic, obese, and frustrated from 40 years of failed diets and “I will start on this new diet on Monday” to normal weight, perfect blood glucose, amazing energy, and some bonuses like my allergies are gone, my skin looks 15 years younger, and chronic digestive issues are a thing of the past. More importantly, with the support of my coach I have stopped dieting and started living!

Sharon F.

I was about 1 month in and didn’t know what I was doing. I decided the only way I was going to be successful was to get a coach! Sabrina has brought great clarity to my understanding of the keto lifestyle and how it has not only helped me lose weight, but how it is healing my body. You’ve helped me remain accountable to myself and you always give me just the push I need to read, learn and understand how to navigate the keto lifestyle, to stay positive and “keto on”...getting a coach is the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re just starting out!! If you can fit it into your budget anyway possible, Just Do It!!! You won’t regret it!! Thanks so much Sabrina you rock!!!

Lisa T.

As hard as it may seem, you can do it! Jessyca Reynolds helped me get to my goal of losing 100lbs for my sisters wedding by last month.  Trust the process. You can do it!

Thomas A.