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Bradley Fehner is a 32 year old husband and dog dad who grew up in Gonzales, Texas. While staying decently thin in high school due to frequent exercising, he was never quite happy with his body image, which he struggled with for years.

Bradley finally decided to make some changes in his life when he ballooned up to 265 pounds while obtaining his Agriculture Business Management degree at Texas State University.

Not knowing anything about exercise or nutrition he obtained a personal trainer certification from ISSA to help get himself back into a healthy weight range. After following the standard advice of “high carb, low fat” combined with “eat less, move more,” he saw some results, but never fully reached his fitness goals and felt constantly tired and hungry trying to achieve them. Not only was he struggling to succeed under standard advice, but Bradley also came to realize he was battling body dysmorphia—never feeling visually satisfied with his body image regardless of any progress.

After deciding to try something new, he found the Ketogenic lifestyle through internet research and fully committed. For the first time ever, Bradley found success. It has been 2 ½ years since he began following the Keto diet, getting down to 208 pounds. He has since worked on building muscle through heavy resistance training, and while he no longer holds a PT certification, he frequents the gym working on his fitness goals. Bradley celebrates his successes and now understands the importance of keeping negative self-talk in check. He has experience helping friends and co-workers successfully navigate the Keto diet and has a huge passion for the Ketogenic lifestyle, exercise, and overall health.

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