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Welcome, my name is Jodi, you probably know me as “Fit Coach Jodi”. I am a certified Life and Wellness Coach and Nutritional Advisor, specializing in the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle. 

From an early age I suffered from self esteem and body issues that morphed into self sabotaging behavior especially related to food. I reached an all time high weight of 400 pounds (I now weigh 158 pounds!), but my biggest issue was how I perceived myself. I was never able to see my worth and spiraled into destructive behaviors on a regular basis. My life seemed to always be out of control no matter what I did.  

After many attempts at dieting, exercise and quick fixes that gave me temporary but fleeting results, I stumbled across the Ketogenic Lifestyle and started a new “diet”. At first it was not a success. I struggled with the stress of an unspeakable loss, a young family, sick parents and other unresolved issues that kept me consistently relapsing into old behaviors. Finally, after one final devastating relapse,  I realized that I had to make a change for good if I wanted to save my life. I decided to get help.

By working with a coach I learned that I needed to not only heal my body, but also learn new techniques on how to create a life of boundaries, happiness and purpose. My nearly five year journey has been one of personal discovery and emotional healing. I learned how to create firm boundaries and be assertive in what is best for my well being. 

For  many years I tried  to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle but always felt  like the “Fat Girl In the Gym.” I chronically injured myself because training programs and trainers did not meet me where I was physically, so I gave up on physical fitness. Through this journey I have learned how to use exercise to help my body heal and achieve a healthy lifestyle without pain and overuse. My hope is to guide my clients to find movement that will benefit their bodies and spirit at the same time. 

After being on my own journey of self discovery and learning the truth of self love, I've realized that there truly is a mind-body spirit connection to thrive in life. I believe my realistic and practical approach to emotional and physical well being will allow my clients to thrive and reach their potential and beyond.

My role as a coach it to help clients develop realistic and practical approaches to navigating the roadblocks in life.My goal is for clients to reach their greatest untapped potential.

Jodi offers coaching in the following areas: 

  • Ketogenic Diet Success
  • Low Carb High Fat Nutrition
  • Beginner Fitness and Weight Training
  • 100 + Pounds to Lose
  • Lipedema Education
  • Food Addiction 
  • Replase Coaching

Jodi has earned the following certifications:

  • NASM Personal Training 
  • NASM Women's Fitness Specialist
  • Low Carb Hight Fat / Ketogenic Nutrition Network Advisor
  • IAP Wellness and Life Coach Certification

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Macros + 30 Minute Consult

  • Macros evaluation and 30 minute phone or video consult.
  • 99.00

6 One-on-One Sessions

  • Six (1-hour) sessions
  • 600.00

12 One-on-One Sessions

  • Twelve (1-hour) sessions
  • 1,150.00

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