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Growing up a tomboy in a small rural community, Mary Hoisington had an active childhood playing football, softball and track. It was during her middle school years that she began to struggle to keep off excess weight. Since no one in her family was overweight and ultra-thin was in, it made sense to her that she was doing something wrong and so
she began her low-fat, low calorie journey.
30 years later, Mary had worked her way down to eating 600-800 low fat calories a day, and was managing to tip the scale at over 240 pounds. She was miserable, experiencing significant brain fog, chronic aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, fatigue and depression.
In 2012, a concerned family member recommended she try a low fat Paleo diet, which enabled her to lose and maintain a 20 pound weight loss even while bumping up her calorie intake by a couple hundred. But, after 3 ½ years of Paleo and disappointed it had not made a more significant impact, Mary began researching to figure out why she
struggled so much and stumbled across keto which was said to be “advantageous for those suffering from PCOS.”
So, she committed wholeheartedly to throwing out what she thought she knew about healthy eating and embracing a high fat ketogenic lifestyle. Mary was able to shed excess pounds and finally feel free from the constant battle with her weight.
Keto also helped to uncover some underlying conditions that she attributed to the aging process, but rather had actually developed from the years of poor nutrition, including several irreversible auto-immune conditions. Since then, Mary has been able to reduce her antibodies and drive her inflammatory markers to “normal” levels by further
refining her ketogenic food choices.
Mary encourages others to follow the first piece of advice she received from the group--“Learn the science, not the rules,” and she continues to educate herself as new information emerges or existing dogma becomes obsolete.
Her struggles have taught her that you can’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it. A healthy relationship with food is essential for mental and physical wellbeing. Stress management, self-care and movement also play a part in how we feel. Mary believes a ketogenic lifestyle needs to be simple, adaptable and
satisfying, but most importantly, it needs to be tailored to fit an individual’s needs.
Mary is available to help others work through keto’s nuances and help them on their journey to discover their own ketogenic regimen for optimal success and health.

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