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Stefanie is a Certified Primal Health Coach and has four years of experience helping others implement a ketogenic lifestyle. She is a busy mom, Fire-Wife, and a professional Music Therapist. 

Specializing in Primal, Keto and Carnivore lifestyles, Stefanie helps her clients successfully navigate making lifestyle changes while working and managing a household.

After 30 years of yo-you dieting, Stefanie found the ketogenic diet at age 44. During her journey, she overcame her destructive relationship with food, lost 52 pounds, reversed pre-diabetes, fatty liver disease, gerd, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. 

Stefanie focuses on teaching her clients how to make nutrient dense food choices, how to add movement to their lifestyle, improving mental and emotional relationships with food, and learning mindfulness. Her coaching programs include: Beginner clean keto/primal lifestyle choices, basic intermittent fasting, body recomposition, macros, stress management techniques, self-care, primal movement and plans for improved metabolich health.

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