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At the age of 12, Michelle was diagnosed with anorexia. At 5 feet tall, she weighed approximately 57.5 pounds. After an inpatient hospitalization, Michelle was weight restored, but was told she would have to live with anxiety, depression, and persistent racing thoughts around food. This became her reality through adolescence and into adulthood.

In 2009 Michelle became a registered dietitian and over the next eleven years she worked as a clinical, acute care dietitian, lead dietitian in psychiatric care, and outpatient dietitian. While practicing inpatient and outpatient care in the hospital setting, Michelle discovered a disheartening connecting between the high carbohydrate, low fat, “sugar in moderation,” nutrition guidelines she was required to teach, and the rapidly declining health of her patients. The nutrition guidelines she was required to teach simply did not work for most people.

Michelle is an endurance athlete, and she has competed in 13 marathons (13 Boston Qualifiers). In 2019, after years of following a high carbohydrate diet, intense running sessions that left her feeling exhausted, and struggling with persistent anxiety, Michelle knew she needed to make a change. She decided to follow a low carbohydrate, high fat, high animal protein diet. At that point, she hoped the extra protein and reduction in carbohydrates might alleviate the severe muscle pain she was experiencing.

Not only was her muscle pain gone in a matter of weeks, her decades of anxiety began to fade. Inspired by her renewed physical and mental health, Michelle left the hospital setting and wrote the book, “The Dietitian’s Dilemma,” detailing how the current nutrition guidelines came into existence and advocating a low carbohydrate, animal-based way of eating as an option for individuals struggling with diabetes, mental disorders, eating disorders, sarcopenia, and heart disease. Powered by a low carb, animal based diet, Michelle won her first Ultra Marathon in November of 2020 covering 44.63 miles in a 6-hour time frame.

Michelle can help you address:

  • Ketogenic Diet Success
  • Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Having Steady Energy All Day (No More Afternoon Slump)
  • Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders/Food Addiction
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Developing Effective Coping and Stress Management Strategies
  • Beginner to Elite LCHF Endurance Nutrition
  • Mastering Your Mindset

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Let Michelle Hurn help you reach your Ketogenic Success!

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  • Low carb nutrition for athletes.
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Clients Love Michelle Hurn!

I don’t know if I can adequately express how much has shifted for me since working with Keto Coach Michelle Hurn, R.D., L.D! Initially Michelle helped get me on track by clarifying the appropriate amount of food I should be eating (and in what proportions) for my active lifestyle. But the real magic was further along – when Michelle kindly but clearly helped me challenge long held, rigid disordered eating beliefs and behaviors that I didn’t even realize I still had. I am beyond grateful to have separated from old beliefs and behaviors that were holding me back, even when I was compliant on the ketogenic meal plan. I am able to be more emotionally present for myself, my family and my professional life in a way that has brought me tremendous peace of mind. I am enjoying my meals now, but hardly thinking about food at all anymore - and that is a true miracle in my life!

Shari C.

I started Keto after watching three people I love die due to complications from diabetes. I had gained 50lbs since running a half marathon just two years ago. When the scale stalled, I didn’t want to give up so I started looking for a coach.  After reviewing Michelle Hurn’s profile, her story spoke to me. I signed up immediately, downloaded her brilliant book and set up my first session.
What I have realized in the past two months of working together is that the scale (though moving in the right direction) has become less of a driver for me. I have noticed a HUGE change in my anxiety and my skin is amazing. I feel focused, full, satisfied, clear and happy. My glucose levels are completely stable, my sleep has never been better, my heart rate is lower when working out, my inflammation seems to have completely gone away and I no longer have a “food baby” at the end of each day.
I have been so fortunate to learn from a true expert in this field. I am seeing the truly unlimited potential of my body through fuel. I can’t wait to get stronger, leaner, and healthier. I know with Michelle’s help I will FINALLY lose all my “baby weight” before my kids leave for college in the next four years.
I cannot recommend Michelle Hurn enough. She has changed my life.