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From early childhood, Heather confronted a spectrum of health challenges, often met with dismissive attitudes, attributing her concerns to mere attention-seeking. School days were fraught with anxiety, leading to frequent calls home due to a pervasive sense of unwellness. Despite a predisposition towards introversion, a love for animals blossomed, coinciding with a vegetarian diet in my twenties, which unfortunately exacerbated existing health issues.

Transitioning into her thirties, Heather pursued endurance sports, achieving milestones such as completing marathons and a half Ironman. However, this period also marked the onset of an eating disorder amidst a demanding schedule encompassing training, full-time employment, and teaching engagements. Despite her efforts, Heathers health deteriorated, culminating in diagnoses including osteopenia, a hip fracture, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, adrenal fatigue, and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

Even with medical interventions and dietary adjustments, her symptoms persisted, prompting a transition from a high-paced retail career to a more sedate office environment. However, unintended consequences arose, such as worsening of symptoms due to poor dietary choices, notably processed deli meats. The continuing cognitive fog and declining health led to a job loss and a profound realization of the need for genuine healing.

Embarking on a journey of restoration, Heather sought guidance from functional medicine practitioners and pursued educational opportunities such as the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) program. This transformative experience not only deepened her understanding of physiological function but also empowered her to implement biohacking techniques, propelling her healing journey to new heights.

Now, armed with knowledge and personal experience, Heather is dedicated to assisting others in achieving optimal health through tailored approaches encompassing nutrient-dense nutrition, strategic fitness regimens, and lifestyle modifications. Let Heather guide you toward vitality and wellness, empowering you to embrace your most vibrant self!

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