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Jenn Brown is a wife, mother of three, and a Board Certified Nurse Coach with nearly 25 years of clinical and coaching experience. Her low-carb/keto journey began in 1999 after the birth of her third child when the customary “low-fat, eat-less, move-more” mantra failed to help her lose the 50 pounds of excess baby weight she accumulated. However, once onto the low-carb/keto life style, she lost the baby weight (plus 20) in six months and has maintained a healthy weight ever since. Additionally, her blood chemistry and inflammation markers all continue to indicate optimum health. The evidence was overwhelming; low-carb/keto lifestyles work.

Her personal success inspired her to change the prevailing paradigm, using her healthcare and coaching skills to help many others reach weight goals and resolve chronic health issues related to obesity and inflammation. Jenn now offers her personalized health coaching services through Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching.

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