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Kimmi Katte is 55 and works as a Clinical Nutritionist in Australia, teaching her patients how to use food to improve their health. While her profession requires that she be familiar with many different dietary protocols, she chooses the ketogenic diet as her preferred way to eat. It was during a biochemistry class where Kimmi first heard the term “ketosis” and realised that using this way of eating was probably the most natural and intelligent way to fuel the body. This was the beginning of years of research and personal experimentation that has led Kimmi to vastly improved health and more energy than she knows what to do with!

Since that class, Kimmi has strategically used the ketogenic diet to reduce or resolve many of her own health conditions including: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, pre-diabetes, lymphedema, lipedema, major depressive disorder, hypothyroid, chronic allergies, chronic venous insufficiency, GERD, and multiple benign tumours throughout her body.

She has a special interest in using nutrition to manage menopause, cardiovascular health, lymphedema, and lipedema.

Kimmi understands that changing the way a person eats is not just about the food, it’s also about improving the emotional relationship with food and looking at what food means to the individual. Helping people get their headspace right, and addressing unhelpful thought processes and behaviours are among the things that she enjoys most about her work with Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching.

Another one of Kimmi’s passions is helping people learn how to prioritise themselves.  Kimmi has always struggled with self-care and with making sure that she puts on her own oxygen mask before attempting to help others with theirs. Like many women, the urgent drowns out the important and she has had to become deliberate and creative with self-care strategies in her own life. She is continually in the pursuit of actively prioritising her needs and loves sharing that research and wisdom with her clients and patients!

Happily living abroad for quite a few years in Finland and in the United Arab Emirates has helped Kimmi become more aware of a variety of cultural preferences when it comes to food and eating patterns. She enjoys foods from all cultures and uses her knowledge and passion for simple food preparation to help her clients and patients make sticking to a dietary protocol super easy. 

Currently, Kimmi lives in Sydney, Australia, and because calculating time zones can be complex, it’s best to contact her directly if you would like to know her availability for coaching times.


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Shout out to Kimmi for telling me what I already knew...but just didn't want to admit to; To Mary for being so relatable and the first person I thought understood my struggle (also for being a fashion diva--love your shoes although I'm sure I'd fall on my face); To Elaina for her sense of humor; To Jessyca for stressing the importance of family; To Katrina for proving that being better doesn't mean that you are going to end up perfect; To Michelyn for her cheery disposition and beautiful smile; To Linda who helps me focus on the journey; To Sabrina who reminds us to love life; To Mitzi who lives life to the fullest and has followed a journey so similar to mine (and to embrace the aging process as it can be beautiful-you own it!). To Lauren who has taken time to help me understand some of the weird stuff...Every coach has been inspirational, motivational, and educational to me. And it has been quite the experience to have had the opportunity to follow several of the coaches progress--because we are all a work in progress. I'm a tab bit jealous of people just starting out to have access to such great keto coaches--I wish I would have had the opportunity; it would have saved me a lot of trial and error. But, I am so happy to have found this family and I look forward to meeting many of you in Austin.

Mary H.